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March 2nd, 2009




Inspired by the Carrera Panamericana, Tag Carrera made its debut in honor of this epic sports car racing event held on the open roads in Mexico in the 1950’s. Reputed to be the most dangerous race of its kind in the world and attracting many of the leading drivers of the times, Tag Carrera came to embody the vibrant memory of the era of “Gentleman Drivers.”

Tracing its roots to the Swiss village of St Imier, where Edouard Heuer opened his first watch-making shop in 1860, the Tag Heuer brand soon became recognized for accuracy and precision workmanship, making it the perfect choice for time keeping at prestigious sporting events.

The Tag Carrera Chronograph continues to be a huge icon timepiece, with its connection to sporting history. Popular not just because of its timeless lines and mechanical operation which are a must have for both the enthusiast and the connoisseur alike, but also because it is a watch that can adapt to any occasion from casual to extravagant. Many celebrities and sportsmen alike have chosen the Tag Carrera as their favorite brand.

If you are thinking about making an investment in a great watch this certainly could be the one for you. Some say “Once a Tag owner always a Tag lover.” Others buy their first Tag watch on their way to buying something more expensive and end up staying with Tag, because they really are an excellent brand. Especially for the outdoor or sporty man and also of course for the man who just thinks about being more of the outdoor active type!

There are so many to choose from and watching the Tag Heuer advertisements will certainly help the undecided to make up their mind. Once you see the Tag you like you’ll know it is the one for you. Whether you like the link, leather or plastic strap the options are endless

Have fun shopping for the Tag of your life it will be a great investment in yourself and your future. Whether you are a fan of the Tag Carrera series of watches or another of the Tag Heuer brand watches you will be thrilled with it!


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